How to promote your business through website?

How to promote your business through website?

How to promote your business through website?
In these days, creating website for business is very important. Do you know why? We will see that.
• It’s cost effective.
• It will promote your business 24/7. (24 hrs, 365 days. – It means “All time”.)
• It gives you the ownership.
• If you are doing exporting or doing proper business, website is essential.
• You can receive orders through your contact form or from your website easily.
• Website is a wonderful marketing and promoting system - in the world.

In Pollachi – Coimbatore - Tirupur area, you can find different type of businesses, especially motor machinery, engineering, textile, coir, building constructions, bio product manufacturing, coconut exporting..etc. If you are doing anyone of the business, you definitely need a website to show your products and services. This could be very effective than other’s - like giving a paper advertisement and TV advertisement. Paper advertisement is very costly for one day. It will reach only certain people who reading a particular newspaper on that particular day. But website is not like that. It will promote you 24/7, 365 days without any interval.

Promoting website is more important than creating websites.
• Select good design
• Your website should be responsive (Compatible to all devices, mobile, tablets and desktop computers)
• Fill the website with your own content and images
• Do - effective SEO
• Share your website to social media/s like Facebook, Twitter
• In your business cards and brochures, add your website address
• In your office and flex boards, keep your site link visible
• When writing emails, your signature should be with your website address

How website is differing from Social Media?

Social Media is operated and controlled by third party. – But website is your own property/asset
You are not able to continue your business at social media, if your page/account is reported by your competitors. You have a chance to lose your contents. - But no one can stop you when seeing clients viewing your website. Users have some restrictions to view your social media page. For example, In Facebook, sometimes user must login or should have account to view your social media page. – But these restrictions could not apply in website. Anyone can view your website.
• Facebook user needs new account to view your Twitter account.
• In websites, you can protect some contents with password. But this will not apply in social media.
• You can sell products and does payment process through websites. But this will not apply in social media.
• You can get good feedbacks and suggestions from your clients and display it on your website. But in social media, your negative feedbacks will also display publicly.
• Social Medias are open forums, so your competitors easily observe your business techniques and have chance to implement to their business.

Example: Tours and travels company – Website development guide.

Scenario: You are running or going to start a Tours and Travels Company at Pollachi and you need a website. Pollachi is one of a tourist place in Asia, India, Tamil Nadu. You should target your clients from local and worldwide.

• Collect the own photographs while travelling throughout the Pollachi area.
• And get the contents of every tourist place near Pollachi. For example: Valparai, Topslip..etc.
• Select a good name for your domain and buy server
• Select good design templates related to Tours and travels.
• Place your own content and images.
• Do SEO after the site completion
• You definitely need a web design company - to do the above steps
• Choose a web design company with experienced, cost effective, good support.

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